Video from Sunday’s BSO Concert

“Das Lied von der Erde,” videotaped by someone in the front row on Sunday. This is a playlist I put together on YouTube, the seven videos cover all six movements (except for the first bar, he hit the “record” button a bit late).

The sounds gets kind of distorted sometimes when it gets loud. Oh well.

Looks like you can get the whole concert here, piece-by-piece.

3 thoughts on “Video from Sunday’s BSO Concert”

  1. I think Mahler was afraid at the premier of this work that people would go home and shoot themselves after hearing it because of the darkness of the libretto. I think they definitely would have if they had watched this person’s camera work via closed circuit at the premier. Just kidding. I love home video. It is what it is.
    Wow the front row is just a few feet away from the Orchestra!
    Sounded good to me.

  2. And to sit there holding up a camera the whole time, without (apparently) a tripod. I feel like the libretto is more melancholy, even wistful, than dark. There’s still a sort of warmth to it. As opposed to the 10th Symphony. Now that’s dark…

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