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Careening Up Pyramid Mountain

Ah, a three-day weekend. We’d been planning a trip up to Pyramid Mountain in Morris County for several weeks, and chose Friday afternoon to head up there.

Much closer than we imagined — even with afternoon traffic on I-287 — we found handy trail maps at the visitors’ center outlining many miles of trails to explore. I’d been to Tripod Rock before and led LF up to this local landmark.

The rock on top seems about the size of an Abrams tank. No exaggeration — see the photo at the bottom for a more human scale. The smallest of the three rocks holding it up is about the size of a large television set. It’s been sitting up there for 18,000 years, since the Wisconsin Glacier receded. Nevertheless you couldn’t pay me enough to sleep under it, no matter how hard it was raining.

As you approach it you have to take a trip around to study it. There’s got to be a trick somewhere.

Why isn’t this rock crushed already? Is it really sitting up on that little point?

After a while you can only just stare at it wondering, “what the…”

We did three or four miles up the mountain, then down the far side and around the shore of the reservoir. The park itself is beautiful, and kudos to Morris County for the fine state that they keep things in. Unlike Essex County parks, which can get pretty dumpy, there was no litter, no broken glass. On a lovely warm and sunny Friday afternoon we saw maybe a grand total of one person the first two hours we were out.

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[googleMap name=”Pyramid Mountain” width=”450″ directions_to=”false”]Pyramid Mountain, Boonton, NJ[/googleMap]

The landscapes are very dramatic. Gigantic glacial boulders were strewn everywhere, in one spot forming a giant fence at the top of a ridge. I wish I’d remembered the good camera instead of just my cell phone, but I won’t make that mistake next time.

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