My Zen View

One of the chapters in Christpher Alexander’s “A Pattern Language” is “Zen View.” A simple explanation of it is, if you have a beautiful view available to you wall most of it off. Then leave a narrow window or cut-through so that as you walk by you catch a fleeting glance of it. The idea is, if you see it all the time it ceases to be special and becomes just part of the wallpaper. This is mine, as I pass through my music room on the way upstairs, and see the wisteria blooming out of two corner windows. mach-zehnder

Tom McGee has been building web sites since 1995, and blogging here since 2006. Currently a senior developer at Seton Hall University, he's also a freelance web programmer and musician. Contact him if you have the need for a blog, web site, redesign or custom programming!

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