Branch Brook Park

LF and I parked up the hill a bit, next to the cathedral. Just across the way was this beautifully proportioned building. Immediately attracted by the deep eaves and tile roof, we set out to study it a little.

The landscaping needed a little work, ironic for a parks department building. But the details were still there.

(With props to Rudy Burkhardt for the composition of the picture above.) The first escapes, signage and the archway above the front door:

But we weren’t there for that. Next was down to the park to enjoy some scenery, and loll about on the grass in the warm April sunshine.

Even the wind on the water was cooperating.

On the way back we refused to be intimidated by the gargoyles and went inside.

There was a wedding going on, so we sat through part of the Mass taking it all in. Which was cute for reasons I won’t go into here, just trust me.

Temps got up to around 75 that day. Today it’s 50 and kind of rainy, so it’s really not so bad to be in the office.

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