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External Storage, Part 4

I finally brought it back to life.

The infamous Buffalo TeraStation story has reached what I hope to be a happy ending. Last night’s debacle, you’ll recall, was replacing the internal chassis and all four disk drives from the failed unit into the new unit.

After studiously not thinking about it overnight (my favorite problem-solving routine) I went home today to try a couple of things before I went at it with a screwdriver (or a hammer). The helpful though unsuccessful tech support guy I worked with suggested a firmware upgrade with the unit in diagnostic mode. I restarted it with the little button pushed in in back and let it go through its paces, then tried running the patch application I downloaded from Buffalo’s web site.

While I ran I went upstairs and had Chinese food. The hot and sour soup was awfully vinegary.

I went down after ten minutes or so and saw a “program has terminated unexpectedly” error message. Attempts to reach the unit with the diagnostic application showed that not only did it not have the new firmware, it didn’t have any firmware. This is not likely to work.

So I restarted the thing, and while it booted up went to have my fried dumplings. Doughy.

Then I ran the firmware updater again, which told me (in bad English) that it was going to do it in recovery mode. And it worked! It applied the firmware, rebooted the machine and …

I clicked on “show shares” in the navigator application and there they were!

The amount of pleasure I got just from flipping through last summer’s Philadelphia and Ocean Grove vacation photos was tremendous. Not as good as the vacations themselves, but pretty darn good nonetheless.

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