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This recall notice came in via a bicycling mailing list this morning. I was especially intrigued since I own two Cannondale road bikes, though of earlier vintages than these.

RECALL: Cannondale Road Bicycles

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with
Cannondale, has issued a voluntary recall of Cannondale’s 2009 Six 5,
Six 6, Six Carbon 5 and Six Carbon 6 Bicycles. Consumers should stop
using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed.

About 1,300 bikes were sold Sold at authorized Cannondale dealers
nationwide from October 2008 through February 2009 for between $1,500
and $2,100.

The bicycles fail to meet the federal safety standard for bicycles.
Spoke protector discs, required on bicycles to prevent the bicycle chain
from interfering or suddenly stopping the wheel, are missing from these
bicycles. This poses a fall hazard to the rider. There have been no
reported injuries.

The following Cannondale bicycles are included in the recall. “Six” is
printed on the bicycle’s top tube and “Cannondale” is printed on the
down tube.

Bicycle Name (2009 Models): Bicycle Model Number
Six 5 Compact: 9RCT5C
Six 5: 9RCT5D
Six 5 Compact: 9RCT5C
Six 6: 9RCT6D
Six 6 Triple: 9RCT6T
Six Carbon 5: 9RSX5D
Six Carbon 5: Compact 9RSX5C
Six Carbon 6: Compact 9RSX6C

Consumers should stop using the recalled bicycles immediately and
contact any authorized Cannondale bicycle dealer for a free repair.

I’m as enthusiastic about consumer product safety as the next guy, but the reason for this kind of makes me laugh. Nobody riding a $2000 bicycle would be caught dead with a spoke protector on their back wheel. In fact, one of the things you do when you order your bike from your local dealer is to ask him, when he’s doing the setup, to “please remove that plastic thing on the rear wheel, thanks.”

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Not that there’s anything wrong with them, other than the added rolling weight, but they just kind of tell the world “I’m a dweeb who can’t keep my derailleur adjusted,” and people who ride $2000 bikes generally don’t want to make that statement.

That’s all.

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