Tony Blair at SHU

The former P.M. spoke at a school event tonight, and we were there webcasting it. The video is embargoed so even if you were interested which I doubt I couldn’t post it.

Wow, that photo really sucks. Cell phone cameras, what are you going to do?

The guys in the press booth were amusing themselves.

In the place where the home and visitors team names would go on the scoreboard, they had “Tony” and “Blair.”

I’ll review the recording over the next few days and if he said anything especially interesting I’ll put up some quotes. The one interesting event of the evening was, about a half hour afterwards I was standing around outside the library waiting for E. to swing by and Blair’s entourage came moving across the road and up past me into the building. I was about five feet from him, probably the closest I’ll get to a major world leader. So that was kind of cool.

Afterwards we went back to my house and made tacos.

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