Lord Stirling Park

We took a warm (for December), foggy and cloudy day to visit Somerset County’s Lord Stirling Park. Some ice was left over from last week’s cold snap and snow, and the reflections of the bare trees on the ponds was beautiful.

The ice was breaking in an interesting concentric circle formation, and the gray light of the day makes these color photos appear to be black-and-white.

A little while later we were pleased to see the clouds move off to the east, and a little blue sky peered through.

Later on, a striking sunset emerged. About an hour later daughter C. called to ask if we’d seen it. She’d been up at South Mountain watching the same thing from about 20 miles to the east of us.

And at this point we were about as far into the woods as you could get on the official trails. Well, we best hurry along back to the parking lot while we can still see!

Unsurprisingly (this is part of the Great Swamp after all) the trails were a sodden mess. A lot of it is boardwalked, but we were slogging through some pretty wet terrain the last half-mile or so.

[googleMap name=”Lord Stirling Park” directions_to=”false”]190 Lord Stirling Rd., Basking Ridge, NJ 07920[/googleMap]

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