Holiday Lights

Every area has got one: The house that people come to from miles around to stare at the extravagant holiday decorations. Here’s a detail from the one in Livingston, NJ.

We were driving around Christmas Night and caught groups of people parking and getting out to walk around. One group said they made an event of it every year, as they asked E. to take a picture of them with their camera.

Why Sponge-Bob? I dunno.

3 thoughts on “Holiday Lights”

  1. I’m not 100% sure, but it’s somewhere in the quadrangle of W. Hobart Gap, Hillside, Northfield and Burnet Hills/Coddington. I think if you go up Hobart Gap toward the mall and turn right it’s on either Wychwood, Woodland Terrace or Coddington. Just watch for the glow in the sky and follow the traffic.

  2. We drove by there last night, and they’ve downsized. All there was was one very tall rotating tree. Nice, but not the over-the-top spectacle of years past. Sorry!

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