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Newark Renaissance?

Newark has always been the place to go for good Spanish and Portuguese food, and NJPAC is a terrific concert hall. But there are other omens and portends in the air indicating that Newark may finally be turning a corner. Since any omens worth their salt come in threes, here are the ones I’ve seen:

First, AlleyGater on MOL writes about the great time he had exploring the courthouse area while on jury duty. Word is that Halsey Street is a destination.

Second, the nice boys of Big Train have been playing at a joint on Halsey Street, 27 Mix lately. Despite being a bar band, we haven’t generally been known to play at the kind of place you’d think of when you think of downtown Newark.

Third, this evening I played with Swing Town, a big band, at The Priory, which is a former church converted into a restaurant/meeting center. This was a beautiful restaurant featuring southern and cajun cuisine, with a nice cozy bar in back. And a real sweet place to play, I might add. They have live jazz several times a week, free parking, and so on.

Maybe, hopefully, after all these years Newark really is rebounding. We’ll be happy to have them back.

2 thoughts on “Newark Renaissance?”

  1. I agree Halsey Street is a destination! You might want to check out the Newark Museum also. Had dinner at Savoy Grill on Park then over to NJPAC for the Indigo Girls…good concert. Savoy Grill was a lovely place with a panio bar…however not many people and the service was a little slow, maybe because it was a wednesday night.

  2. Again, I can’t recommend NJPAC enough. It is a great concert hall. I heard the Kirov orchestra do the Mahler 2nd Symphony there last year, and the sound was beautiful — warm yet transparent and nicely balanced.

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