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The “Oroton Effect”

Updated with a few more below

Some-time poster Andy did some of this on the Literary Cafe blog, and I thought it looked way cool.

I took one of my favorites from the recent genealogy road trip:


And turned it into this:


I went a little far, but shades of Maxfield Parrish!

Here’s a further step, with an adjustment layer that increases the saturation and lightness:

What do you think?


I tried a few others. Here are some cacti from Sandy Hook a few weeks ago, pre-processing:

…and after:

And the Paulinskill Viaduct before:

…and after:

Interesting how it does something different to each. Also interesting how I can amuse myself for so long with a Photoshop 101 trick like this.

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4 thoughts on “The “Oroton Effect””

  1. I was kind of questioning the wisdom of using a really good photo as base material. The middle one is very “Halloween.”

  2. I like the eeriness of the middle one. And the bottom one looks like a painting. Both are cool in their own way.

  3. “I was kind of questioning the wisdom of using a really good photo as base material. ”
    I’m glad you picked this photo. Oftentimes people will use these effects to “turd polish” so to speak. Sometimes it’ll resurrect a bad image sometimes it won’t. BTW Flickr’s a great place to learn about all this kind of stuff.
    Have a nice Sunday.

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