Take A Penny, Leave A Penny

While at the North Cemetery in Butler last night, a guy prowling the grounds with a metal detector looked at my car and said, “New Jersey? Here” and gave me this:

1895 Indian Head Penny
1895 Indian Head Penny

In the interest of fairness, I took a 1994 Lincoln Penny and tossed it into a rhododendron thicket. Maybe 100 years from now someone will find it and say, “cool, a coin from the 20th century!” Maybe they’ll even find this post on some future version of Google, and know that I put it there!
[googleMap name=”Butler Cemetery”]Butler Memorial Park, Butler, PA[/googleMap]

One thought on “Take A Penny, Leave A Penny”

  1. That penny is very cool. I should mention that we didn’t run into a single unfriendly person in Butler or Clarion or Armstrong. In fact, they mostly went out of their way to help us. Oh, wait, there was the guy who lived in what used to be our grandfathers home who was none too pleased when we pulled up and Tom started to ask him some questions. We didn’t run into a grocery store either because there wasn’t one to be found. We joked about that quite a bit. I didn’t notice it at first until Tom said “hey, have you seen any grocery stores around here?” and i hadn’t so i made a point of looking for one to no avail after spending 3 days in that town. But they were not short on tanning salons, which i personally thought was odd. In a town with very little economic activity, “allegedly”, people still had money to get tanned. There weren’t many restarauts either. But we managed to keep our bellies full and it wasn’t bad.

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