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Genealogy Road Trip, Day One

Cousin and regular contributor Shari is joining me for a week long trip to our ancestral homeland in western Pennsylvania. Today finds us in Clarion, PA, the county seat of Clarion County. Here’s the courthouse, where we quickly found some relevant wills on microfilm as well as an obituary.

Downtown Clarion, with the tower of the courthouse
Downtown Clarion, with the tower of the courthouse

The obituary led us to the Shiloh Church, which stands alone at the intersection of nowhere. We’d found a brochure about the church from when it was built in 1901, and it looks just the same now as it did on the cover.

Shari tracked down a young guy walking up the road and asked him about the cemetery. He pointed us up the road a bit, and we found the Miola Cemetery right about where he’d said. And here’s Emeline Lackey’s gravestone. She was — and I have to get more clear on this — married to a nephew of my great-great-grandfather. Originally a McCray, her grandfather fought in the battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812.

Here’s the general vicinity:

Main Street, Clarion, Clarion County, Pennsylvania, 16214, United States of America


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