Hey McGee

Or Hirt, or Holzschuh, or Lackey, or Dink. If your last name is one of these, you might be interested in my new genealogy page. Other names that turn up are Anderson (if you have a Butler County, PA, connection) or Miller (on the east side of Cleveland). Take a look around, and if you think there might be something there of interest you can register for an account. And please get in touch if you have any facts or photos to add!

Regular poster Shari and I are going to be doing some field work in the near future, so the information will broaden and deepen.

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  1. “Or Hirt, or Holzschuh, or Lackey, or Dink” – On Manley, on Diamond, on Osenbaugh, on Slater. And don’t forget poor Cricks!

    See you soon!

  2. OK, looking thru the “good notes” I found the address on Elm St. where Benjamin lived was 124. Right next door at 126 was Susana McGee Oughten and her husband William b. April 1858. Susana is named “Annie” in the census, but i know it was Susana from her obit where she is listed as the wife of William Oughten.

    Was 124 or 126 the address we looked at that was now a paint store? If so, we may have caught 2 birds with one stone. William and Susana Oughten had at the time 4 kids: Annie b. 3/86, Emma b. 8/88, Malinda? b. 3/91, Charlotte b. 9/94, and Willie (a daughter) b. Jun or Jan 98. Next to that i have a note that says “Jan is month Andreas was born”. I need to take better notes. Somewhere there is something about Andreas. It may have been a twin or Willie or Willie’s real name. Her real name could’ve been Willemena or something after her father. And maybe Andreas was her middle name. I may have gotten Andreas from another census. Will keep looking.

    And remember Susan was the McGee that was listed in one census as residing in the “Butler Home for the Insane” or something like that. I have to check if that was before or after she was married.

  3. Something interesting. In 1860 There was a Benjamin McGee and a Sarah McGee (separate)in Venango Co, Cranberry Twp. Also in Venango Co, but in Richland Twp there were a John McGee and a Bridget McGee (separate). Bridget was 73 years old in 1860. Her husband Patrick had died by then. There was an L.W. McGee in Venango Co, Cherry Tree Twp in 1860 also. For the record in case it means something some day.

    Also in 1860 in Butler Co there were John McGee’s in Buffalow, Clearfield and Jackson Twps.

    Other McGee’s in Butler Co in 1860:
    Daniel, Wm, and John in Clearfield Twp.
    Henry in Parker T.
    Henry in Butler Boro
    James in Fairview T.
    James in Marion T.
    James in Penn T.
    John and Susan in Jackson T.
    Marg. A. in Winfield T.

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