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Call for Ideas

I’ve volunteered to do a presentation on blogging here at the job. With two hours to fill, I could just go through all the posts here. But maybe not. So if you were going to a presentation on blogging, what would you like to hear about? I’ve got, so far,

  • History
    • How and where it started
  • Blogging is Back
    • Facebook is corrupt
    • People are taking back their content
  • What you use it for
    • Interesting stuff
    • Storytelling
    • Diary
    • Work Notes
  • Platforms and technology
    • WordPress
    • Movable Type
    • Blogger
    • Instagram
  • How to go about building one
    • DIY
    • and the like
  • Good examples

That’s not much. Or too much, depending on the quality of what I toss into each bucket.

Note on the featured image. This is a shot of Ravine Lake here in New Jersey, shot standing up through the sunroof of my old car. It’s one of the earliest uploads here, August 2006.

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