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Yikes Indeed

I followed the Times’ advice and downloaded my Facebook data. 83MB of data, over the last ten years. My whole address book because once I accidentally allowed Messenger to grab it (I deleted it). A whole bunch of photos and videos, obviously, but that’s because I uploaded them.

A voice mail, apparently, which wasn’t even one of mine. Someone I don’t know, leaving a message for someone else (who I think I know, but why do I have it?) giving out their email address.

387 text messages.

A lot of sites, boards, books and other “likes” that I’m pretty sure are just derived from my activity. Some of them I don’t recognize, at least as something I would have actively “liked.”

All my friends, with the dates we “met up.” Also, refused friend requests, unanswered requests I’d sent, people I’d unfriended. Some odd “Friend Peer Group,” which I have no idea.

Ads I’ve clicked on. An alarmingly long list of “Advertisers who uploaded a contact list with your info.” A lot of applications, more than are shown on my screen, because it also shows long-expired apps. And all the events I’d ever responded to.

I’m not sure what to do with some of this.

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