Five Years After

I was working in lower Manhattan, and watched it all happen from the train station on the waterfront in Hoboken, a little less than two miles away across open water. We were shut out of our offices for eight days. The first day back I took some pictures, and here are a couple of them. The last one was taken a year later, from the Jersey City waterfront. When the lights are on you can also see them from my front porch.


2 thoughts on “Five Years After”

  1. Outstanding pictures Tom. Thanks for the comments the other night. We had quite a stir going on!! 9-11-01 must have made you feel so helpless standing there and being able to do nothing about it. When I visited NYC in June we went to the site twice and I plan on going again next June as well. Peace

  2. Thanks. I shot a whole roll that day, but I can’t find the prints, only these two that I’d scanned in. I’m hoping they’ll turn up. Look us up when you’re in town, or vice versa.

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