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A Few More Photos From Storm King

We took hundreds of shots during our trip up to Storm King last month, and I only posted a few. Here are a few more highlights.

One more shot, from down the hill looking up, at this photogenic Calder stabile.

E. really likes Andy Goldsworthy’s “Storm King Wall.”

It’s 2,278 feet long, and curves away and disappears down into the lake, only to reappear and continue off into the forest on the other side.

C. took over 400 photos herself, work for her portfolio. She generally doesn’t like me taking candids of her, so I have to do it while she’s not looking.

We were unamused by this Lichtenstein. Rather than a sculpture of a boat, it looked simply like a painted boat and therefore kind of boring.

2 thoughts on “A Few More Photos From Storm King”

  1. I’m not trying to be contrary but that Lichtenstein boat looks like it’s floating and therefore kinda cool. Maybe it’s the way it was photo’d and I don’t have the bias of actually seeing it.

  2. The floating aspect is kind of cool, as is the color treatment (assuming it holds up to the weather).

    It’s just that — and I don’t have the right technical vocabulary for this from an art point of view — the form of it is really uninteresting compared to the other works. It’s just a boat shape, with a Roy-style painting on it, and so it didn’t really seem like a sculpture at all. It didn’t seem fully thought-out as a sculpture. And I know he could do it.

    But please be as contrary as you want; I sure don’t want this blog to be an echo chamber!

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