Bull Island Ride

Sunday the club offered up the Bull’s Island ride, one of my favorites. Just over a metric century at 62+ miles, It pulls two rabbit-out-of-the-hat tricks that I just love.

For one, except for the light leaving the college where the ride starts, and the two coming back in at the finish, there are just three traffic lights in 60 miles of riding. That’s in New Jersey, commonly known as the Most Urbanized State In The Union. That means many long uninterrupted stretches where you can just ride and enjoy the scenery. And the scenery is great, light traffic, quiet forests, farmlands, streams, while crossing the Delaware River twice (well I guess you kind of have to cross twice, unless you want to stay in Pennsylvania forever).

The other magic trick is how it lefts you back out of the Delaware River Valley without you even noticing it.

There’s a significant change of elevation, but the grade on Rt. 25 is very gradual, and Lower Creek Rd. so picturesque, that it’s a piece of cake. Pity the general store in Lumberville has closed. They had these blueberry muffins that were to die for…

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