Things That Suck

Words Without Meaning

A few words and phrases just don’t work anymore. Let’s stop. Examples? Coming right up.


It all started going downhill when “So Yummy” posted a video of pie crust “hacks,” each one more challenging and difficult then the one before.

In Harm’s Way

In danger? At risk? Under fire? Threatened? Nah. Every similar situation is now under the global cliche umbrella of In Harm’s Way.


The other day I was in a Starbucks and ordered one of their handcrafted iced tea mixes. I watched as the barista hand-craftedly pulled a carton of lemonade out of the cooler, poured that into a cup of ice along with a dose or ready-made iced tea, and in the finest hand-crafted fashion put a lid on it and shook it up. Maybe the ice was artisanal, I don’t remember. Eggs over easy are more handcrafted than this.


I understand the seriousness of gluten intolerance, believe me. However the fact that water contains no gluten has not escaped the attention of people who suffer from it.

I know this is all just advertising-ese. But please.


When, in the future, all web sites are stunning, will any of them be stunning? Perhaps a site doesn’t need to stun you; it just needs to do its job.


Money porn for a new generation. Wealth management, preserving your wealth, managing your wealth. But here’s the thing: if you’re rolling your own suitcase through an airport, you’re not wealthy. Wealthy people hire people to manage their wealth.

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