New Theme

By Tom|August 29, 2015

“Agama.” I need to change themes more often.

Stellar Photography

By Tom|August 14, 2015

That is not to say, photography that is really god. It’s photography of stars. It’s great to see what a digital SLR and a tripod can do.

Maplewood Mandala Project

By Tom|August 13, 2015

A group of Tibetan monks from a monastery in India come to town to do a traditional sand painting.

Whiteface Mountain

By Tom|August 7, 2015

Road trip up to the top of Whiteface Mountain. Spectacular views.

Minor Sidewalk Enigma

By Tom|July 31, 2015

As seen on a local streetcorner. Turns out it’s a surveyor’s marker.

Gallery2-to-Zenfolio, Continued

By Tom|June 24, 2015

Last week we exported and imported more than 3000 images from our Gallery2 installation onto or Zenfolio account. Here’s where we pick up the missing metadata.

Gallery2 -> Zenfolio Migration

By Tom|June 16, 2015

Unexplored territory here. Not many people that I can tell are trying to use these APIs, but if you’re one of them and trying to escape Gallery2 before it goes under complete, this might help.

Happy Birthday

By Tom|June 16, 2015

The blog is nine years old this week! In honor, the banner photo is one of the first things I put together on my first freelance project. I stitched together four photos taken through the sunroof of my car, of Ravine Lake.

Taking Apart My Playing

By Tom|May 18, 2015

After 148 consecutive days of practicing, a few things are becoming clearer.

A Failed Experiment

By Tom|February 4, 2015

Monetize my web site? Absolutely! What’s not to like?


By Tom|January 20, 2015

Spending part of the afternoon nuking old/irrelevant/stupid posts from the past. Do you care what I had to write about some web technology issue in 2007? Neither do I.

Updated: WordPress Plugins We Can’t Do Without

By Tom|January 20, 2015

Oh, and caching: Some kind of caching please. One of our work sites was coming in at an average of 1049.56 ms (over the course of a week). We installed WP Super Cache and new times are coming in between 249 and 315 ms.