• Migrating a Biggish Site With Power Tools

    The Montrose Park Historic District Association is a local group here in South Orange dedicated to protecting and publicizing a beautiful neighborhood of stately 19th century mansions. Their old web site had been designed in 2001 and was looking rather outdated. A lot of the things that it did weren’t …

    mphda.org home page
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Happy Birthday

The blog is nine years old this week! In honor, the banner photo is one of the first things I put together …

Spending part of the afternoon nuking old/irrelevant/stupid posts from the past. Do you care what I had to write about some web technology issue in 2007? Neither do I. → January 20, 2015


Updated: WordPress Plugins We Can’t Do Without

Oh, and caching: Some kind of caching please. One of our work sites was coming in at an average of 1049.56 ms (over the course of a week). We installed WP Super Cache and new times are coming in between 249 and 315 ms.

Grilled vegetable platters

Holiday Platters

For the fun of it I made these two vegetable platters for the department’s holiday party. Eggplant, fennel, leeks, onions, zucchini and more in the shapes of a menorah and a Christmas tree.

blog home page

Upgrade Project

Now that I know a little more about how the Divi theme works, I can knock out a remodel like this in a couple of hours. This page needed to work harder. It’s responsible for selling the entire program, and it needed to show more about what we can do. With a number of style tweaks and the help of a good in-house stock photo archive, I came up with this.

Autumn leaves and a blue house

Fall Colors

The light was beautiful this morning so I took a couple of shots on the way to work.

Trustee Entrance

Village Hall

South Orange. There are people who are advocating for tearing it down. Mistake.

mystery meat

One More Vertex Tweak

The other week we visited the Vertex, from Elegant Themes, with a number of fixes to make this excellent theme work a little harder. Here’s one more thing I noticed: Mystery Meat.

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